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Join our long time loyalty scheme and for every 50 points earned we will give you £5 off your next order.

PLEASE NOTE: Loyalty points are not available in conjunction with any other third party offer or promotion.



How does it work?

Your loyalty account will always be the email address which is used when you created your account.

Online orders (takeaway / delivery)

Your loyalty points are automatically awarded to your account when the driver returns to settle your purchase or when you pay in-store for your takeaway. You won’t need to do anything.

Dine in / Parties & Catering

Every time you visit us or order catering, let us know your long time loyalty account number and a member of our team will award points to your account.

If you haven’t got an account, ask your server who will be happy to sign you up in store and they will also award your points at the end of your meal.

Cash Back Points/ Vouchers

Points are earned on every purchase.

The basic scheme offers 1 point for every £1 spent.


In the basic scheme where £1 spent earns 1 point, when you reach 50 points, a £5 off will be shown in your loyalty account. You can simply click redeem points and your discount will be added automatically.

This is the same as 10% cash back and is available only to customers on the long time loyalty scheme on every purchase.

If you spent £100 you would earn 100 points and a £10 off will be added to your account.

£150 would earn 150 points and a £15 voucher etc.

Points are only awarded when a final payment has been received.

All your points stays in your account if you are not receiving your voucher emails.



Double or triple point promotions

At certain times we may offer double and triple points on web ordering or on a new menu item.

When these promotions are active you will earn points faster.

In a double point example, every £1 spent would earn 2 points.

You would only need to spend £25 to earn 50 points and a £5 voucher would be sent to you.

This is the same as 20% cash back and is available only to customers on the long time loyalty scheme.

In a triple point example, you would need to spend £33.34 to earn 100 points and you would then be sent two £5 vouchers or one £10 voucher.

This is the same as 30% cash back and is available only to customers on the long time loyalty scheme.

Points balance

Your points are always kept so that you never lose out.

For every £5 off you receive, we just deduct 50 points off your account balance.

In the basic example if you spent £65, you would earn 65 points.

You will be able to use £5 off next time you order and 50 points would be deducted off your account leaving you with 15 points to carry forward and use against your next purchase (being 65 - 50).

That means you will only have to earn another 35 points to get your next £5 off.

We also track your lifetime balance and will be offering VIP awards in due course.

Loyalty Voucher Issuance and Redemption

Vouchers can be used for online, takeaway and dine in purchases at any branch and at any time. There is no restriction on the number of vouchers that can be redeemed against a purchase, but please note that no change is provided for part use of a voucher’s value and the value of a voucher only discounts the subtotal of your bill. Service charge is calculated on the subtotal BEFORE any discount and a voucher(s) will not discount the service charge amount that is applied to a bill. Service charge is applied as standard but is optional.

To redeem against online orders, please ensure you add a 'Voucher' menu item to your order/basket. Once your order is placed you will be contacted by the store to confirm the validity of your code, so please have your 7-digit code(s) ready. Please be advised that we will not be able to apply a voucher code once the order has been dispatched for delivery.

me love's new loyalty scheme will only send discount e-vouchers (coupon codes) from the email address to the email address you registered when you first created your loyalty account.

To ensure that your voucher emails are not blocked by your spam/junk filter, please add to your safe senders list in your email settings. If you do not receive your voucher initially, please first check any junk filters / folders you have set up.

Please be advised that you may also be asked to provide proof of identity (bank card or driving license) at the time of redeeming your e-voucher so that unauthorised usage of your e-vouchers is minimised, in so far as possible.

PLEASE NOTE: Please be advised that it is not possible to redeem loyalty vouchers in conjunction with our new app. We are working on adding this functionality on a future upgrade. However, you can earn loyalty points and Cash Back on your app orders - please make sure you have completed your details on your app's Profile Page.


If you have any further questions please read our terms or use our contact form


The first loyalty point's scheme for sushi lovers.


So order, enjoy and be rewarded!